Commission Members

Dr. Aly Shameem– Chairman
Dr. Aly Shameem completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Management as double major in 1990 at the University of South Pacific in Fiji. In 1995, he completed his Masters Degree in Political Science at Dalhousie University in Canada, specializing in International Studies. In 2006, Dr. Shameem again completed his Doctor of Philosophy at International Global Change Institute of New Zealand in the field of Global Environment and Development Relations, specializing in international islands diplomacy and global change.

Dr. Shameem began his civil service career at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served there 11 years. Later, he joined the Secretariat of both People’s Majilis (Legislative Assembly) and People’s Special Majilis (Constitutional Assembly) and served for another 5 years. He had been a part-time lecturer and taught courses over a span of 11 years at different faculties of the Maldives National University and other tertiary institutes prior to becoming a Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) in September 2010. He served for almost 5 years at HRCM in protecting and promoting human rights in the country. Dr. Shameem also has been a management consultant, researcher, community motivator/educator. Locally and internationally Dr. Shameem has been an advocate or campaigner for safe climate and islands.

On 18th August 2015, Dr. Shameem was appointed as a Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission and later, on 24th August he was elected by People’s Majilis as President of the Commission.

Ms Jameela Ali Khalid– Vice Chairperson
Ms Jameela Ali Khalid took her oath as a Member of the Civil Service Commission on May 07th , 2012. She  received the Letter of Appointment from His Excellency Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik , the President of the Republic of Maldives for a five year term.

Ms Jameela  has served in the education sector for twenty nine years. She began her career as an English Language teacher in Aminiya School and later held responsible management positions  in the same school as Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal. She held the position of Principal in two schools; in Ghiyasuddin School in  1999 and Jamaluddin School in 2004. With her experience and background in managing schools, she was promoted to the post of Superintendent of Education in 2005,  to manage all the schools in the capital island of Male’.

Her work took a different direction in 2010, when she was transferred to head the Foreign Relations Section within the Ministry. She was also appointed as the Secretary General of the Maldives National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO. She was serving in the Foreign Relations Section of the Ministry of Education when she resigned to join the Civil Service Commission.

Ms Jameela worked part time as a Presenter of English news in the Television Maldives for about seventeen years which enabled  her to build  her confidence and communication skills.

She is willing to commit herself to serve the community and the people of the Maldives.

Ms Jameela Ali Khalid completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Language (1983) from the American University of Beirut, Beirut,  Lebanon , and earned her Masters Degree (1990) in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, California, USA.

Fathimath Renee Abdul Sattar– Commissioner
Ms. Fathimath Renee Abdul Sattar hold a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Griffith University, Queensland, Australia) and Master of Science in Environmental Assessment and Management (Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England). Ms. Fathimath Renee Abdul Sattar began her career in the year 1993 as a Research Assistant Trainee of Ministry of Planning and Environment. She was later promoted to an Assistant Research Officer 1995-1996. Ms. Fathimath Renee Abdul Sattar joined Ministry of Defence and National Security in the year 1998 as an Assistant Environment Analyst and was then made Senior Environment Analyst in 2001 and Director on 2006. She was then promoted as Deputy Director General of Ministry of Defence and National Security February on April 2008. She was appointed as Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Defence and National Security on April 2008. Fathimath Renee Abdul Sattar joined Civil Service Commission on 28th November 2013.

Zakariyya Hussain– Commissioner
Mr. Zakariyya Hussain completed his Bachelor’s Degree in 1995 at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. He has also completed Diploma in Youth and Development at CYP Asia Centre in India.

Mr. Zakariyya Hussain started working at Maldives Youth Centre and since then he has worked at Ministry of Youth and Sports for a period of 7 years. Mr. Zakariyya Hussain has served at Public Service Division under The President’s Office both as an Assistant Director and Deputy Director at Organization Development Unit. He has also served as a member of Civil Service Commission for 3 years from 2007 to 2010.

On 18th August 2015 Mr. Zakariyya Hussain was appointed as a member of the Civil Service Commission.

Shaheed Mohamed– Commissioner