Appointment and commendation ceremony held for Permanent Secretaries


A ceremony has been held yesterday to officially appoint new Permanent Secretaries and commend those who have completed their term. The ceremony was held at the Civil Service Commission.

Certificates of commendation were handed over to retired permanent secretaries by the Vice Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Ahmed Hassan Didi. The two retired Permanent Secretaries are Ismail Shafeeq and Maryam Waheeda who served at the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Ministry of Home Affairs respectively.

The newly appointed Permanent Secretaries were read their oaths by the Associate Legal Counsel at the Civil Service online casino canada Commission, Abdul Nasir Shafeeq. The letters of appointment were handed to the appointees by the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Mohammed Fahmy Hassan.

The two newly appointed permanent secretaries are Ibrahim Shaheeb and Ahmed Shafiu at the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Transport and Communication respectively.

Yusuf Riza at the Ministry of Economic Development, Ahmed Salih at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and Dr. Abdullah Naseer at the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture were reappointed for a second term as Permanent Secretaries at their ministries.

Chairman Mohamed Fahmy Hassan and former Permanent Secretary Maryam Waheeda spoke at the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by government ministers and members of The Civil Service Commission.